Suzi / SOHO/City Airport

gerrard street soho went for dim sum bought chinese new year cakes still raining suzi dave suit-fun and me hanging around with the gung hae fat choi buzz in the london winter weather daves first dim sum then bubble tea queue with damp orientals getting taiwan drink fix then back out shoot suzi street style no fill big boca no depth of field washed out then airport security check long conversation with the man feeling me up get through security after explanation of leica and then waiting for the flight to the far north shoot suzi with the suzi look off the plane into the truck and went home.

Empty London

Walking around the streets and lanes of East london just shooting what i see being told to fuck off or being asked if i would like a cup of tea never really being part of where  i was but meeting people that did belong in a bleak wet landscape on bikes on foot on barges behind stalls and through barber shop windows being asked if i had a light or was i lost im not sure i knew where i was 99 per cent of the time so i was permanently lost but not really bothered and also disappointed when i recognised a pizza express and realising i knew where i was so i went home on the d3.